Products & Services

Technical Consulting & Support

From a comprehensive strategic Information Systems Plan to programming resources, and everything in between, One Source can provide industry and technical experts on call. Our consultants have big consulting firm experience in all aspects of internet, development, networking, open systems, midrange and enterprise technologies.

Application & Web Development

Additionally, we design and develop industry leading tools utilized by top-tier companies to increase both productivity and profit within their organizations.

POS Reporting System (

Our premier product, the POS Reporting System is a web-based framework made up of application modules, or tools, for use by companies that want to simply and improve management and operations of their restaurant organizations. And it’s all delivered through a clean, simple and easy to navigate interface.

The approach taken in developing these tools was to focus on providing the core elements and features that most owners, operators, and corporate staff would use. Additionally, the price point is set where even smaller chains and franchise groups can afford it.